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Fall Transition

Hot, Hot, Hot all day, everyday yet everywhere is marketing fall, pumpkin spice and Halloween! Don't get me wrong fall is my favorite but there is no way this mama can even begin to start wearing fall attire (and yes I have already invested in some great pieces!) So as we get closer to the beginning of September, which for whatever reason in my mind sets an alarm that it is now officially fall, we don't want to find ourselves dressing in shorts and tank tops or continuing on wearing our summer wardrobe. So what do you do? Well lets talk! To make some easy transitions, though it is still like 95 degrees outside, take those summer dresses and add a short or long sleeved cardigan, I love a good duster (long cardigan.) You can still get wear out of those summer dresses, unless they are screaming hawaiian print! Every store and office will still be blasting the a/c so putting on that layering piece wont effect you. As the weather finally turns a bit cooler, continue on wearing those dresses and cardigans but throw on a cute pair of booties instead of open toe wedges or flip flops. Another idea when the weather does drop below 70 degrees is to dust off those knee high boots ladies, its now time to rock those with your attire! heck out these few summer dresses from the website below. I have transitioned them from summer to fall, with only adding one new piece to it. Don't think you have to spend a fortune every time the season changes. Every girl I know has plenty in her closet, we all just need a new perspective sometimes on what to do with it. By all means if you want to spend on new clothes by all means get it girl! Here's to fall weather, new looks and feeling good! If you ever have any questions or want any more of my styling advice feel free to reach out to me through my website. <3

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